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About Hiroko exercise Method

"Hiroko Method Infant Gymnastics" is for children aged 3 to 6 (before entering elementary school).
The basics of the gym are running and flexibility exercises. It is said that the developmental formation of the brain solidifies by around the age of 6. Human nerves run from the brain to the fingertips.
It is important to exercise for 20 minutes every day.
Growing motor skills promote learning, challenge, and independence.

Challenge a little difficult thing and overcome it. Children can be confident by success experience.Nerves are connected by exercise and will concentrate. Children can understand each other's feelings by exercise

Spirit of challenge

Independence mind

Power of Love


Characteristics of Japanese-style education

Japanese people's diligence and seriousness start from early childhood education. Public manners and cooperation are often learned through sports. The spirit of challenge and perseverance are also Japanese virtues. The HIroko method is a Japanese-style childcare education method that incorporates the benefits of Japan and overseas.

How to learn Hiroko method ?

Since 2016, the Hiroko Method has been introduced to Vietnamese school groups.
Based on the Teach method cultivated locally in Vietnam, we support easy-to-understand introduction both offline and online.When introducing the Hiroko Method, we will hold a briefing session for parents and explain the benefits of the method.


 Morning Work
In the Hiroko method, running is a big action (using up coarse motion). Flexible maneuvers use fine palms and soles to make fine movements and develop a sense of balance.
Sports day
The stimulation from these two external exercises leads to the cranial nerves,
It forms a complex relationship with the cerebrum, spinal cord, and balanced movements.
After School Method
In other words, the voluntary actions that we normally perform on a regular basis are based on external transmission via nerves.
From infancy to 6 years old, repeatedly sent and trained
Excise program
By sending a signal to the brain and accumulating appropriate experience, you will be able to perform smooth independent movement. It is important for children to repeat the experience of failure and success.


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